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About Us

Webster's defines "passionate" as having intense feelings or beliefs towards something, being easily affected by emotions. Some people have hobbies, We have passions. We are passionate about our family, scuba diving, motorcycling, sky diving, and photography. We find passion with each new client and as artists, try to create something better than ordinary. That's why we do, what we do.

We are blessed with an energetic five year old son, Nathaniel, and our precious eight year old daughter, Caitlyn, being parents is the joy of our life. We are blessed with not only a house, but a lovely home, our parents living close , and true friends. God has been good to us. We are blessed beyond all measure.

We are dedicated to our work, to our vision for this business. We are dedicated to exhibit integrity in our business and personal relationships. We have dedicated ourselves to capturing other people's lives through our eyes. We are dedicated to loving each other, for the future we have together, and the memories we'll create with our growing family, and we are dedicated to serving God, who gave us this life. For that, we are grateful. And He deserves the Glory.

Heath & Amy